The Power of Japanese Red Reishi

Co-authored with Canadian nutritionist Brad King, MSC, MFS, proclaims that Red Reishi, the most revered medicinal mushroom, can reverse biological aging and enhance immunity better than any known compound. 

And I know that’s a huge claim. But the book is chock-full of over 30 years of research revealing:

  1. -cardiovascular benefits (lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and reducing platelet stickiness)

  2. -immune system enhancement

  3. -liver protection

  4. -blood sugar balancing

  5. -energy improvement



Health coaches employ the art and science of coaching psychology to assist others in achieving and sustaining wellness goals, such as, improving diet, exercise, and reducing stress.

Coaches who employ an integrative wellness approach as taught in the M.A. program at California Institute of Integral Studies, also include mind-body tools, meditation, yoga, guided imagery, movement, sound healing, and alternative and complementary healing modalities.

This step-by-step manual offers the essentials of health coaching methodology, theory, practice-based models, session formats, and the integrative approach.

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